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Once ships set sail to find new shores and explore new continents. At all times every ship carried a load of casks containing spirit. Some of the first spirits brought to sea was brandy but

as the west indies became a key target for every naval power rum quickly become all sailors choice of spirit. Rum has since those days been having a close tie to naval traditions and habits.


Gunroom Navy Rum is like all navy style rums a blend of different origins of rum. The rums going into the blend are of different ages, some even unaged, the majority is copper pot still "heavy" rums. A good part of the rum is Demerara rum from Guyana. This specific rum is distilled using 19th-century stills once used by the Royal Navy. This gives the final blend its powerful character. The rums are gently blended together and left to "marry" on vats before being bottled. Gunroom Navy Rum is  inspired by the early history and tradition naval rum.


The origins of Gunroom Navy Rum is:


  • Guyana

  • Barbados

  • Trinidad

  • Jamaica

  • Secret origin


"Navy Rum is bottled at a Proof of 54,5% ABV or higher"


“The final blend should include rums of different origins, primarily of British style rums. Guyana rum is here a key ingredient ."


"The Royal Navy gave its sailors a daily rum ration, known as a "tot" since the mid 17:th century until the practice was abolished after July 31, 1970."


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